Therapy can be life changing, but the downside is it can take a long time. The benefits of coaching are that you can see results immediately! The benefits of hiring me as your coach are that you get the best of both worlds. I’m able to bring my experience of having a Ph.D. in clinical psychology to the table, while staying within the parameters of life-coaching. During sessions I help you:


  • Identify your goals—whether it be about relationships/love, career/business, family and friends, physical/health, personal/spiritual, social/fun, or finances.
  • Gain clarity about the real issues that might be standing in your way of success.
  • Determine how to eliminate road blocks.
  • Identify the specific actions you need to take in order to reach your goals.
  • Develop greater focus and awareness of the possibilities.
  • Gain a fresh perspective.
  • Learn specific tools and insights that will help you reach your goals.
  • Enhance your thought processes and decision-making skills.
  • Develop skills to manage your emotions so that they work for you, not against you.
  • Inspire you to be more productive, successful, and satisfied with your life.



            The coaching process typically begins with a telephone conversation or in-person meeting, in which your current situation is discussed in detail. We determine your unique challenges and roadblocks, goals and intentions, and define the scope of our relationship. We create an action plan and establish specific priorities and their order of importance.

Subsequent sessions may be held in person, or on the phone, or via Skype. Each session lasts a predetermined length of time. Typically, homework assignments will be given, which will be reviewed at either the beginning or end of each session.

To begin your coaching session , you may call or contact us by email.

Coaching requires real focus and dedication. But to have someone 100% there just for you, with the knowledge and know-how to help you achieve your highest dreams, it’s worth it. Having a coach is fun, and through coaching, you are able to achieve extraordinary results.