Laurie Gelfand, Ph.D. (aka “Dr. G.”) is a life/relationship coach with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She holds popular seminars and workshops on topics related to relationships and personal growth.
She has appeared on dozens of national TV and radio shows, including Montel, CNN, USA Live, The O'Reilly Factor, and Good Day New York. Dr. G. has published two books. Her first book, If It’s Love You Want, Why Settle for Just Sex (Prima, 1996), was published in several languages (under her maiden name, Langford) .
Her second book, The Big Talk: Talking to Your Kids About Sex and Dating (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1998), was written in response to the many people in her seminars who asked how they could teach their children these important principles.
Her new book, Love Before Sex: How to Establish Love and Commitment Before Bringing Sex Into the Relationship, is a new and improved version of her first book. 
Dr. G. is happily married to her husband Michael, and they reside in both Rancho Santa Fe, CA and Los Angeles, CA. with their 3 dogs: Maggie, Charlie, and Lenny.

On another page write, “The Kind of Marriage (or Relationship) I want.” Describe what your day might look like, where you might live, the kinds of things you and your spouse might do, how many children you might have, how you treat each other, and what the general feeling is in the home. In chapter 9 you created a “Man Plan” and a “Relationship Map”, so anything you come up with here can be added to that.

Your goals will undoubtedly change over time. It is important that you remain flexible, but it is very helpful to have a good idea of what you want or what you envision for yourself. By having this road map for your life, you will be well on your way to getting what you want.

Mistake #4: They Send Out the Wrong Messages

You may be saying you want to wait, but your body language and appearance may be saying something else. When you send out the message that you are ultra sexy, you usually end up getting the kind of attention that puts you in compromising positions. Don’t be deceived into thinking that men want “sexy.” Men may appreciate a sexy woman, but it is not a requirement for marriage. Men who are serious about